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Personalized Family Health Care

With Fermata Direct Primary Care, you get to build an authentic relationship with your neighborhood doctor.

Meet The Doctor

Hi, I'm Dr. Jason Asistores

Everybody deserves to have an authentic relationship with their family doctor, which is exactly what I'd like to offer you and your loved ones at Fermata DPC.

What you get at Fermata Direct Primary Care

Fermata Direct Primary Care (DPC) aims to transform the relationship between doctor and patient. A "fermata" is a musical notation symbol that tells a musician to pause and spend more time on a note or on a chord. At Fermata DPC, patients and their doctor have the opportunity to "pause" and spend more time together, which is the ultimate foundation for developing trust and a shared understanding of one's health goals.

Authentic & Personal Relationship

Almost no waiting time and more time with the doctor

Direct access to your primary care physician

Affordable care with a low monthly membership fee

Care based on most current evidence based guidelines

Family Bike Trip

What Our Neighbors Say

Mere words cannot express my gratitude to Dr. A for his excellent care while I spent three and a half months in a nursing home. When admitted I was uncertain what the outcome would be. But today I am home, and with the assistance of my husband, am able to pretty much care for myself. Words also cannot describe Dr. A completely --- he is knowledgeable, encouraging, compassionate, friendly and has a wonderful sense of humor.   I am very much looking forward to my association with him as a patient.

- Carol B.

I highly recommend Dr Jason Asistores. He listens to a patient’s concerns with kindness and compassion and then dispenses sound medical advice. He is very caring and I feel very comfortable talking with him,  even about difficult things. As a physician myself, I was deeply grateful to find that rare doctor who has both excellent interpersonal skills and a superior command of a wide range of medical knowledge and skills.

- Tresha W.

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