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With DPC Membership

Fermata DPC is a solo family medical practice that charges patients an affordable, flat, monthly membership fee for their primary care needs instead of billing insurance.  It's the innovative answer to problems such as how to get direct access to your doctor, maintain long-term continuity, and cut through rising healthcare costs. There are SO many benefits!

Personalized Relationship

Fermata DPC aims to transform the relationship between doctor and patient from being simply transactional to being authentic and personal. Dr. A genuinely wants to get to know you, understand your situation, health challenges and goals. Since the patient load will be smaller, Dr. A has more time to spend with you during your visits.

Time Saving Convenience

You value your time so your doctor should value your time. As a patient of Fermata DPC, there is rarely any waiting time because the volume of patients is lower. You also have the option for virtual visits, consults after hours, and when appropriate, even house calls. With a personal relationship with your doctor, you won't need to deal with registrations and payments at each visit. It's all covered in your membership


In traditional offices, you can be charged with co-pays for each visit, fees for in-office testing, procedures, and the list goes on. With Fermata, a lot of unexpected bills are done away with in exchange for an affordable monthly membership fee. That's it! In addition, Dr. A will work with you to find the lowest cost for your medications and lab work.

Direct and Easy Communications

Members will have unrestricted and personal access to their doctor. This means that for urgent concerns, you can always reach Dr. A personally by text, phone call, video call, and/or email after office hours, effectively cutting back on unnecessary trips to the emergency department or urgent care center. Appointments are easy. As a member you simply click the Make Appointment button, fill out the form and Dr. A will get back to you ASAP! Same day and next day appointments are available.

Gold Star Medical Care

Dr. A is a board certified family medicine physician, only utilizing evidence based medical guidelines, but tailored specifically to your own medical history, values, and personal health goals. He values time, presence, and compassion. With fewer patients and less paperwork, Dr. A is able to devote the time spent with you solely on you. That being the case you can take the time you need with relaxed 30-60 minute appointments, and as much as 90 minutes for new patients. With all the benefits of direct primary care at Fermata, not only will you receive better healthcare overall, but more importantly, you'll have someone knowledgable who genuinely cares about your health

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These benefits are great but I'd like to learn more about MEMBERSHIP FEES
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