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Services Included

With DPC Membership

Being your family doctor and getting to know you personally allows me to give you the best care possible. Here you will find a list of the many services that are covered by your monthly membership. If you have questions about a specific service on this list or a service that is not on the list, please contact me.

  • Annual preventative visits and physicals

  • Well child visits (vaccines are referred to the health department)

  • School and sports physicals

  • Pap smears (plus pathology cost)

  • Preoperative risk assessment

  • Acute care visits (also known as "sick" visits), same or next day

  • Urgent care

  • Management of chronic conditions (ex. high blood pressure, diabetes etc)

  • In-office testing (ex. EKG, urinalysis, Flu/Strep test, fingerstick blood sugar etc)

  • Cryotherapy for wart freezing

  • Ear wax removal

  • Nebulizer treatments

  • Minor surgical procedures (such as stitching minor lacerations, removal of superficial cysts, and skin biopsies - not inclusive of  pathology costs)

  • Knee, shoulder and hip bursa steriod injections 

  • Behavioral health

  • Home visits (subject to availability; extra fees may apply for locations further than 15 miles from the office)

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These services are great but I'd like to learn more about DPC BENEFITS
These benefits are great but I'd like to learn more about MEMBERSHIP FEES
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